Nicosia was the first freestanding, above ground city on Mars.

Physical Description Edit

Nicosia is located on a Martian mountain peak surrounded by larger mountains and beautiful valleys. Being the first underground city, it was built under a giant tent made from special plastic and aerogel which could capture radiation, generate electricity from wind and present a clear view of the outside world. It was financed mainly by Swiss and Arabian construction companies, and the architecture of the smaller buildings inside is said to resemble the streets of Paris and Cairo. The tent protecting the buildings inside from the harsh Martian outside was suspended by three skyscrapers. Nicosia was also connected to a greenhouse larger than the town, which had an environment toxic to humans owing to the heat, humidity and CO2 concentration.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicosia is the first place visited in the entire Mars Trilogy.
  • Nicosia is mentioned as having a population of 5,000.
  • Nicosia is the name of the capital city of Cyprus and a small city in Italy.