The First Hundred are a group of astronauts and cosmonauts who used the Ares to set up the first colony on Mars in 2026. They are the main protagonists of the Mars Trilogy.

Named Members Edit

  • Frank Chalmers - Former head of NASA and leader of the American contingent.
  • John Boone - First person to set foot on Mars and eventual politician.
  • Maya Toitonva - Leader of the Russian contingent and resistance leader.
  • Hiroko Ai - Enclosed biosphere specialist in charge of farming and greenhouses.
  • Arkady Bognadov - Engineer and revolutionary leader.
  • Vladimir Taneev - Winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and oldest astronaut. He is the onboard medic and a polymath with extensive training in biology and economics.
  • Michel Duval - Psychologist sent to observe people in long-term isolation.
  • Desmond Hawkins - Stowaway and revolutionary leader.
  • 57 unnamed scientists and engineers.