The following is a rough timeline of the events in the Red Mars Trilogy.

2000s Edit

2020s Edit

2020 - The first manned mission to Mars occurs, with John Boone being the first person to set foot on Martian soil. It is organised by NASA. In the following months and years, NASA and Russia send several unmanned spacecraft to Mars in order to supply a future colony.

2024 - The USA and Russia begin construction of the Ares spacecraft, hoping to establish a small colony on Mars. Construction is mainly done in Earth's lower orbit using parts from other spacecraft, like decommissioned space shuttle fuel tanks.

2026 - Construction of the Ares is finished and begins its journey to Mars, carrying the first 100. Red Mars begins.

2027 - Ares reaches Mars and the first 100 create Underhill and a colony on Phobos.

2060s Edit

2061 - World War III breaks out on Terra. The First Martian Revolution occurs. Red Mars ends.

2080s Edit

2081 - Green Mars begins.

2100s Edit

2120s Edit

2127 - Green Mars ends. Blue Mars begins

2200s Edit

2220s Edit

2225 - Blue Mars ends.